The Higher Council for Privatization is established by Law 228 in 2000 as the authority in charge of planning and implementing privatization programs. The HCP is chaired by H.E. the Prime Minister and includes as permanent members the Ministers of Finance, Economy and Trade, Justice and Labor. Each Minister in charge of a sector, be it Telecommunications, Energy and Water, Health, or Public Works joins the council as a member when a project in the relevant sector is concerned.

The HCP has started since 2006 lobbying for the passage of a public private partnership (PPP) law to no avail. Such a law is essential for the development of Lebanon’s crumbling infrastructure, job creation and the stimulation of Lebanon’s economy. The HCP will thus keep on making every effort to have Lebanon pass a modern PPP law that provides the transparency and competence needed for the success and sustainability of PPP projects.

12   February   2016
  Public Private Partnership
13   February   2014
  PPP Guidelines