Law 431 called for the establishment of a state-owned operator, Liban Telecom, through the merger of the operations of Ogero (a Government-owned contractor) and two directorates of the Ministry of Telecommunications. The new company would be an integrated telecom operator providing services which include fixed and mobile telephony, local and international communication, voice and data access, pay phones, emergency call services, dial-up and printed directory information services.
In 2005, the Lebanese Council of Ministers adopted Decree Law 13944, approving the by-laws of Liban Telecom and its creation as a joint stock company (S.A.L.) for a period of 99 years.  It is expected that, soon after its creation in 2008, Liban Telecom will be privatized. Presently, the state administration Ogero is the provider of the fixed line public telecommunication services in Lebanon.